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For several years, university departments, all over the world, are using the RSscan INTERNATIONAL footscan® system, to have reliable and reproducible pressure data.

First of all, with a maximum measurement frequency of 500Hz, plate dimensions from 0,5m up till 2m and 4 sensors/cm², RSscan INTERNATIONAL gives the best specifications available in the world of dynamic pressure measurement systems. Secondly, next to the high amount of parameters calculated by the footscan® scientific software, the footscan® scientific software has the feature to export raw data in ASCII Next to these features, the footscan® 3D box is the ideal equipment to synchronize the footscan® dynamic pressure measurement system with any other measurement device.

University departments, who use the footscan® system are: Biomechanica, Mathematics, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Neurology, Electronics, Animal, Sport & Science, Sensory material.