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Sports coaches have interests in gathering a maximum of information to fine tune the sport specific movement of their athletes. Due to the very fast movements, it is very hard to capture detailed data, with your bare eye, because your eyes watch at a frequency of 7 Hz (=7 images per second). With video cameras you can reach higher frequencies, but you need more cameras to have a view from different corners. An RSscan footscan system measures up to a frequency of 500 Hz, id 500 images per second, during the whole movement of both feet.

Bare foot or shod measurements are possible.

Detailed timing, pressure data and the progression of the center of gravity are provided by the footscan Balance software, to the coach. Next to this information, the RSscan footscan has an important biofeedback function for the athlete: dynamic color prints of his feet show over and under pressure.

This footscan system is also a perfect coaching tool for every sport, based on stability: archery, weight lifting, Tae shi, …

Other applications in sports coaching are all sports with carbon/hard plastic shoes. The footscan insole system is the ideal measurement equipment to measure local pressure, timing parameters, reaction time, push offs, … in cycling, skating, skiing, …