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RSscan provided the clinical world of orthopedics, orthopedic technicians and podiatrist, the parameters and information of a dynamic foot pressure measurement in their diagnostic file. Supplementary to classic examinations, the footscan provides the orthopedic user with important information like:

  • Pressure distribution under the moving foot, bare-foot or in-shoe measurement;
  • movement of the foot: medio-lateral and antero-posterior;
  • impulse: Ns/cm; velocity of the movement of the foot;

When using the footscan Insole system, the user collects information about the dynamic pressure distribution, measured in the shoe of the patient. First of all this system is used in the world of diabetic foot problems, where it is important to decrease the pressure in the shoe. Secondly, the footscan Insole system, is often used to evaluate the effectiveness of inserts and orthopedic shoes, after analyzing the patient barefoot with the footscan plate.