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Ilyushin IL-76TD-90VD Charter

Cargo Cabin
Cargo Cabin Details Ilyushin IL-76TD-90VD / IL-76TD
General dimensions and information
Length 46,60 meter
Wingspan 50,50 meter
Height 14,70 meter
Cruising speed 750 to 800 kms kms per hour
Max altitude 12.000 meter
Max take-off weight 195.000 kgs
Max gross payload 50.000 kgs
Range (Max payload) 4.600 kms
Cargo Cabin Dimensions
Length 24,00 meter incldg rear ramp, 20,00 meter excldg rear ramp
Max width 3,15 meter
Height 3,20 meter
Cargo door dimensions
Nose cargo door N/A
Rear cargo door 315 × 320 cms
Side cargo door N/A
Belly cargo door N/A

Paylaod N/A
Main deck 50.000 kgs
Belly volume N/A
Pallets main deck N/A
Pallets belly N/A