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Antonov AN-225 (MRIYA) UR82060

Cargo Cabin
Cargo Cabin Details Antonov AN-225
General dimensions and information
Length of the aircraft 84 meter
Wingspan 84.4 meter
Height of the empty aircraft 18.l meter
Length of the fuselage 76.4 meter
Width of the fuselage (on wheel fairings) 7.97 meter
Height of the fuselage 8.35 meter
Maximum flap setting 35 deg
Maximum angle of slats extension 14 deg
Wheel base 33.5 meter
Wheel track 8 meter
Cargo Cabin Dimensions
Length 43.0 meter
width 6.4 meter
Height 4.4 meter
Cargo door dimensions
Left entrance l075xl855 mm
Right emergency forward 1400x850 mm
Left and right emergency back 1500x850 mm

Maximum taxi weight 609 tonnes
Maximum take off weight (MTOW) 600 tonnes
Maximum landing weight (MLW) 550 tonnes
Aircraft empty weight 285 tonnes
Thrust (6 engines) 31O,OOO lb
Maximum weight of monocargo's 21O tonnes
Maximum payload 250 tonnes

Minimum vertical clearance for wingtip shall be lOOOmm subject to two way communications between Pilot,Tug Driver and Wing walkers.

180deg Tllrning Radius

The AN-225 engines JET blast for maximum take off power

ACN for rigid runway surface ACN for flexible runway surface